IRC provides a variety of program evaluation planning and applied research services.

Development of Evaluation Plans for Grant Proposals – IRC regularly develops the evaluation sections for current and prospective clients’ grant proposals. Many of our projects involve efforts to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and services to disadvantaged populations (economically disadvantaged, members of underrepresented groups, and disabled students). Most include teacher professional development, partnerships (early childhood through higher education providers with each other, nonprofit services, and businesses), and outreach to local school districts and/or communities. Each evaluation plan we develop is informed by the specific funding guidelines and project goals.

Evaluation Research – We have the experience necessary to plan and implement multi-year evaluations, including collecting and analyzing data, identifying needed changes, and facilitating program improvement. We can help your organization develop and implement the research needed to make programs successful. Although IRC typically serves as the external evaluator on grant-funded projects, we also often provide internal evaluation assistance. We specialize in formative reporting and also do year-end summative reporting for most projects.

Survey Design and Processing – IRC can quickly develop needed surveys or identify appropriate pre-existing surveys. We provide survey administration, data analysis, and report writing services for all types of surveys. We use Survey Monkey for online surveys.

Interviews and Observations – Nearly all of IRC’s projects include telephone interviews. We also do in-person interviews, either individual or focus groups, often in conjunction with observations (usually of classrooms and professional development activities). Our interviews cover a wide range of stakeholder types — top executives through elementary school children.

Other Services – We provide a wide variety of evaluation, data collection, analysis, and report writing services. Just ask, and if the request is outside our expertise, we will either collaborate with an individual or company that has the needed skills or refer you to one that does.

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