Welcome to IRC

External evaluator for education-related projects. IRC is a private firm that provides program evaluation research services to universities, colleges, schools, and related organizations. We specialize in formative and summative evaluation. We help clients satisfy funding requirements while continually improving the participant experience. Most of our projects focus on one or more of the following areas: STEM, reading, at-risk students, and teacher professional development.

IRC develops evaluation plans that makes sense for the specific program. IRC offers high quality, flexible program evaluation services that are designed specifically to meet each client’s requirements.

We use client input to develop the tools you need — saving you time and money. We tailor evaluation services to clients’ needs and work with a wide range (small to large) projects. IRC views research as a highly interactive process and works closely with project staff in an effort to address issues and concerns as they occur.

We are highly accessible and cost-effective. We’re based in the Columbus, Ohio metro area, but our services are not limited to central Ohio. We interact with clients primarily via email, phone, and Zoom. Most projects do not require on-site data collection, and when they do, we collaborate with experienced local consultants. Clients benefit from the savings on travel.

Please see our description of Evaluation Benefits for more information on our client-centered approach.

Contact IRC today! Together we will design an evaluation that works for you.