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Rachel Ross is a professional Qualitative Analyst and Editor. Rachel has continuously assisted with IRC with various report and data analysis tasks since 2014. Located in northern California, she works extensively as an Independent Consultant for social science firms, nonprofit agencies, entrepreneurs, authors, and publishers. She holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of California Santa Cruz. Rachel initially worked in commercial broadcast news and public affairs (PBS) where she was mentored by the renowned journalist and commentator, Bill Moyers. In addition to training in journalism and communications, Rachel earned a TOEFL certificate as a Teacher of English as Foreign Language, and subsequently worked as an educator in Rio de Janeiro in the 1980s. Upon returning to California, she focused her investigative and wordsmithing talents on  qualitative research and analysis as well as project coordination for major firms in the social sciences and program evaluation. Rachel continues to teach English, public speaking and writing to immigrants, foreign graduate students and executives stateside, and remains fluent in Portuguese.