IRC is currently the external evaluator of four National Science Foundation funded initiatives and four science and math Teacher Quality grants funded by the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR). We are also working on several U.S. Department of Education projects, which includes evaluating programs for English Language Learners, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, and three Math Science Partnership (MSP). In addition, IRC is evaluating the Ohio Academy of Science’s Believe in Ohio initiative that promotes STEM entrepreneurship. We recently completed evaluations on two other MSPs, various outreach efforts for research grants, and served as the on-site evaluator for the American Institutes for Research’s 3-year evaluation of Ohio’s Race to the Top formative evaluation pilots in Language Arts and math. IRC regularly provides evaluation, report writing (formative and summative), and technical assistance to a wide range of educational entities and nonprofits each year. Since 2000, we have worked on approximately 70 different projects, most of which have had multiple years of funding. Below is a list of our current clients. Also see our full list of projects